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Always be careful, playgrounds are where allot of children break or knock out their teeth.


For ages 0-4, playground injuries to the brain and face account for nearly 60% of all injuries


Every 21/2 minutes a child is injured on a playground


Approximately 10% of children who participate in sports receive some type of injury to their face


35% of injuries to children are sports related


5 million teeth are knocked out each year

     Playground and sports accidents can abound any time of year and often tend to occur more during the summer months.  Falling off playground swings, diving into shallow pools, baseball, skateboarding, inline skating and bicycling can lead to accidents that cause tooth injuries.  

     These accidents mostly cause cracked and fractured teeth and deep cuts to lips.  Higher impact collisions can cause broken jaws and tooth trauma that leads to sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

    If you or your child experience a tooth injury try the following first aid steps for a loose or knocked out tooth:

  1. If the tooth is loose, push the tooth back into its original position, bite down so the tooth does not move and call your dentist or visit the emergency room.

  2. If the tooth is knocked out, pick the tooth up by the crown, NOT by the root (handling the root may damage the cells necessary for bone re-attachment and hider replacing the tooth).  If the tooth can not be replaced in its socket on site, do not let the tooth dry out.  Place it in a Save-A-Tooth solution or a container with a lid and use low fat milk, saline solution or saliva.  Call your dentist immediately, the longer the tooth is out of the mouth the less likely the tooth will be able to be saved

  3. For more details see Emergency Care.

Get your numbers in order and don't forget to check out sportsguards to keep your children safe .

Over 200,000 teeth are lost yearly in sporting activities!  


 Courtesy of DentalNotes Summer 2000

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