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DentiPatch in action~

Patch Takes The Pain Out Of Dental Injections

The DentiPatch system is a small adhesive strip that contains lidocaine, an anesthetic used in dentistry. The patch is only about 1/10th as powerful a numbing agent as a local anesthetic injection however studies have demonstrated that the patch effectively numbs, without needles,  the area covered by the patch in about fifteen minutes, and remains effective for up to 35-45 minutes

The DentiPatch, a band-aid looking device, is applied to the gums. Here lidocaine diffuses out of the patch and is delivered into the gum tissue. The DentiPatch can be used for routine dental procedures such as:

bulletSoft tissue procedures
bulletPre-injection procedures
bulletPrimary/baby teeth fillings
bulletRoot planing and scaling
bulletSurface/Small Fillings

A recent study by the ADA showed that the patch works better on top teeth than on bottom teeth and the best use for the patch was for front teeth, and if you have to get an injection in your palate,".

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Dental Pain A Thing Of The Past

    A new study has found that a small adhesive patch can provide relief from dental pain up to 45 times longer than a topical anesthetic gel. The disadvantage of the DentiPatch is that it takes about 15 minutes to reap maximum anesthetic benefits. It is also expensive, at $2 per patch. However, patients using the patch reported feeling half as much pain from a needle stick and root planing and scaling because the anesthesia from the patch penetrates deeper than that of a topical gel. Also, patients needing an anesthetic injection on the upper jaw or roof of the mouth may benefit from since its painkilling drug penetrates through layers of tissue. A gel only numbs the top layer of tissue.*

*Journal of the American Dental Association.

Evaluation of a Transoral Delivery System for Topical Anesthesia; Carr, Horton; December issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association; pgs 1714-1719; 2001.

DentiPatch, made by Noven Pharmaceuticals, Miami, Fla.

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~We have NO financial obligations to this company.

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