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Causes Temporary Reline
Hard Permanent Reline Benefits of Reline
Soft Reline Home Care of Reline

      A denture reline is needed when a denture starts to slip or fall down.

Good ridge height is essential to good fitting dentures
Good ridge height is essential for a good fit of your denture

     This happening is almost always caused by very small changes which have been 
occurring in your gum tissue over a period of time.  These changes can be caused by:


Resorbing bone in the jaw


Variations in weight-weight loss or gain


Water retention 


 Infection in this area.


Age and condition of denture

     Eventually these changes have happened to such a degree that the denture will not 
stay in place. It is recommended that dentures should be relined  every two years 
due to these tissue and bite changes

There are different kinds of denture relines

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      A reline involves resurfacing only the internal part of the denture to readapt it  with acrylic resin or a processed soft liner.  There are basically two different types of denture relines.  

Hard Permanent Reline:

     A hard permanent reline is sent to the dental laboratory and processed in a laboratory cured plastic.  Due to the special processing this type of reline tends to last longer.  Unfortunately this will require taking your denture from you for a day.  When you come in the morning we will send your denture to a local lab to have it relined and it will be returned to you by the afternoon of that same day. This reline is done with the same acrylic material that is used to make your denture. 

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Soft Reline:

     A soft reline tend to be more fragile and will need to be removed and replaced with greater frequency.  There are two kinds of softlines:

  1. One that can be mixed up and placed in the office that is very temporary and only last 6-8 weeks. 

  2. The other kind of soft liner needs a impression taken inside your denture and is sent to the lab to have the lab place less than an 1/8 inch of soft acrylic inside the denture.  This is not permanent but should last a year or two.

This procedure will require you to come in on Monday and you will receive your denture back on Thursday. Please try to coordinate this with our patient care coordinator so that you will not be inconvenienced for long .

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Temporary Soft Reline (Tissue Conditioner)

     It is used to take an impression for the other two relines.  It is also used to help clear up denture sore sports before a more permanent reline is placed in your denture. It is done here in the office and is only used for two to six weeks, at the end of this time period a permanent reline must be placed. 

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BENEFITS of a reline.

Denture relines are necessary in order too:


    Increase retention of old, existing dentures or new dentures that have lost retention for one reason or another      


    Relining old dentures hoping to avoid the necessity of remaking them  entirely


    Gum tissue conditioning which relies on the gentle action of soft liners to allow your abused gum tissue to return to health before you have a new denture made   

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    Relining a denture involves  an impression of your gums. The denture is refitted to this impression using a new acrylic base.  In certain cases a soft lining can be utilized, normally in the lower denture.

     Remember, that relining is meant to tighten a denture and NOT change it, or your appearance.  

     Consequently, if you feel you are losing your smile and not showing as much of your teeth as you would like, relining will not make much, if any, difference.  To restore your facial appearance to the way you would like it normally calls for new dentures to be made.

     Before a denture reline is started Dr. Peterson will examine it very  carefully for signs  of wear.  If excessive wear is noted it is not usually practical to reline it, as  your gum tissues and almost certainly your bite,  has changed to such a degree that it would be unwise to reline the denture.  Dr Peterson will recommend in this case that you have

new denture made.  

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Home Care of Denture Reline


     Please remember that most permanent soft liners and temporary relines reactpoorly to most commercial cleaners.  You will receive  special denture reline cleanerwith your reline.


This procedure will include having your denture relined plus two adjustments to be done within the first two weeks after the reline

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