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To promote good dental health Dr. Peterson will offer a free service: Receive a FREE dietary analysis to help you fight tooth decay.

Our goal is to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime! 

If you have a lot of cavities now or if you have a history of cavities in the past, we need to restore the decayed teeth. But more importantly, we need to find out why you are having the cavities and how we can work together in finding pro-active solutions that would lessen or stop the cavities in the future. To achieve this, we recommend that you keep a “dental diet diary” for seven days. Here is how you do it:

Keep a small spiral bound notebook and a pen with you at all times for 7 consecutive days.


  1. What you eat or drink
  2. Amount of what you eat or drink (e.g. 12 oz. etc.) 
  3. Most importantly the length of time it took to consume it.
  4. How many times a day and the length of time you brush, floss, and/or rinse and what products you use.

The rule is, if anything enters your mouth, it gets recorded - even vitamins, breath mints, chewing gum etc.


·       Bring this diet diary too our office or mail it too: 1415 Sage Street, Gering, Nebraska 69341

·       E-mail it too: [email protected]

·       Fax it too: 308-436-3451

·       Be sure to put your name and contact information on it.

 I will analyze it, high light areas that are contributing to cavities and make suggestions to help you improve your dental health.

After all, if you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting! This service is FREE.

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